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Room to Grow: Initiative to Benefit Georgia Farmers

Last year, the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption Program went into effect and allowed farmers to be exempt from sales tax on qualified purchases. To qualify for the program, farmers have to register to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  In 2013, […]

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9 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Mortgage Fraud at Closing

Check that the name on the application is the same as the one on your form of ID. If the names don’t match, notarization at the closing could be delayed or even denied. Bring all the loan information to the […]

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New Mortgage Servicing Rules Proposed

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently proposed new mortgage servicing rules. Designed to protect homeowners, the proposal would require servicers to streamline processing loan modification requests, as well as prevent servicers from moving forward on foreclosures until decisions on those […]

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