Be Aware of “Notarios”



Officials in several states are warning the public about “notarios.” These are people who pretend to be legal professionals such as public notaries and use this front to scam immigrants. They will usually charge extremely high fees for worthless advice, resulting in legal problems for their clients.

For example, in Arkansas, a tax preparer offered to process permanent residency applications for clients under a nonexistent law. Another tax preparer in Oregon was shut down for offering unlicensed services and immigration advice.

U.S. government agencies are leading a national campaign to crack down on this illegal practice of immigration law. If you have witnessed anyone taking advantage of immigrants in this manner, you are encouraged to register a complaint via the Federal Trade Commission’s online system.

If you are looking for a local notary service, avoid signs for “notaries publicos.” Be sure that you ask for referrals and make sure the notary service is qualified and professional.