E-Notary Services Catching on in VA

computer The state of Virginia became the first to offer remote notary services to certify documents online. Everywhere else, a notary public must verify a license or document in person with the signers to finalize the process, but Virginia is using technology to bypass the face-to-face aspect of notarization. By partaking in a video conference with a notary, signers can remotely validate their documents as long as the notary records and stores the contents of the meeting.

Proponents of e-notary public services claim that this process is even more secure than traditional notarization because it cross-checks the information of the signers with internet databases to verify their identities. However, those in support of traditional public notaries cite fraud as a potential issue for e-notary services, and without a person in the room to verify identity or motives of the signers, the service risks an increase in fraudulent occurrences. An additional concern is the lack of access to a high-speed internet connection throughout the US, but companies like NotaryCam insist that their compilation of data has facilitated transactions in every state, demonstrating the move toward electronic notary services.