NNA Makes New Online Course for Employers of Notaries


The National Notary Association recently announced that a new online course for managers, supervisors, and employers of notaries will soon be available. The aim of the course is to reduce an organization’s liability risk due to notary errors or misconduct.

The need for organizations to establish stronger controls became evident during the recent foreclosure “robo-signing” crisis in the mortgage industry, when large banks and other lenders initiated improper foreclosures.

The online course includes an overview on the purpose and duties of a notary public, as well as state notary laws and regulations. The course also discusses how businesses benefit from properly supervising notaries, and steps for effectively managing notaries in the workplace.

Upon completing the course, organizations will be able to:

  1. Develop and establish written policies and procedures for managing notary publics
  2. Supervise staff public notaries according to their policies
  3. Review the service and performance of each notary
  4. Keep track of the status of their notaries’ commissions, bonds, and insurance policies
  5. Manage notaries’ internal and external education and training
  6. Maintain accuracy in regards to notary stamps, notary seals, and notary embossers