Notarizing for Blind or Illiterate Clients


How does a notary proceed if a client wants a notarization for a document but is blind or illiterate? Can the notary public offer some protections to ensure that the client understands the document fully?

Notarization for the blind or the illiterate follows the same steps as any proper notarization, though there are extra cautions that the notary can take to make sure the process goes smoothly. The notary must make certain that the individual intends to sign that specific document and that he or she fully comprehends the contents of the document. Here are some additional steps that a notary may follow:

  • Ask the signer what the purpose of the document is
  • Read out loud the entire document to the client
  • Refuse to notarize if the signer is unable to understand something in the document
  • Refuse to notarize if other individuals, like family members, are pressuring the client
  • Help direct the client’s hand to the signature block when it is time to sign. They may sign with an “X” if they cannot sign their name otherwise.

With these simple steps, the process for notarization for a blind or illiterate client should proceed smoothly.