Notary Alleges PhilRem Messenger is Fraudulent

philippines-26794_1280In an alleged money laundering case in the Philippines, a notary public asserts that he did not sign an affidavit of PhilRem Service Corporation’s messenger. Mark Palmares, the messenger, claims that the affidavit was signed and sealed by public notary Atty de Jesus, however, de Jesus fervently denies that the signature on the notarized documents was legitimate.

Palmares was in charge of money transfer for PhilRem and accompanied the president of the organization while she made a multimillion dollar deal with a casino operator. Palmares claims that he and a family member carried three bags of cash to complete the transaction and swore before a notary, but he was questioned when investigators saw the enormous size of the house he was living in. The messenger still claims to be innocent of the laundering, but the investigation is ongoing.