Georgia notary

Common Misconceptions about Notaries

Many people may not know exactly what notaries do or what types of services they provide. Here are a few common myths about the notary profession. 1. Being a notary is not a “real” career. Some people believe that the […]

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How Many IDs do I need for a Notarization

In the state of Georgia, when you go for a notarization, you will need to bring one form of ID with you. The ID must include a photograph, a physical description, and a signature.  Examples of identification that you may […]

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Electronic Notarization Services are Growing

In this past year, as technology has advanced, there have been several new initiatives in the field of electronic notarization and electronic signatures. In South Dakota and Utah, legislators have enacted bills that allow notaries to use electronic signatures to […]

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What does a Proper Notarization Entail

In a notarization, there are certain procedures that a public notary must follow. These are as follows: Insist that the signer appear physically in person at the time of the notary act Clearly establish the identity of the signer with by […]

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Notarizing for Blind or Illiterate Clients

How does a notary proceed if a client wants a notarization for a document but is blind or illiterate? Can the notary public offer some protections to ensure that the client understands the document fully? Notarization for the blind or […]

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Room to Grow: Initiative to Benefit Georgia Farmers

Last year, the Georgia Agriculture Tax Exemption Program went into effect and allowed farmers to be exempt from sales tax on qualified purchases. To qualify for the program, farmers have to register to the Georgia Department of Agriculture.  In 2013, […]

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