What is a Notary Journal (and Why Do You Need My Address?)

If you’ve never gotten a document notarized before, you may be concerned by what information is needed in order for the notary public to authorize your signature.  Not only do you need to bring a valid form of identification, but you may also be asked to fill out information such as your address and your passport number in a book known as a notary journal.

A notary journal is not required in the state of Georgia, but notary publics should use them in order to keep a record of who has appeared before them.  If a notarized document is challenged in court, for example, the notary may not remember the details of their meeting, but they can prove that the signature in the journal matches the one they witnessed on the document and that the individual provided proof of identity such as a driver’s license or passport.  This information is never used for the purposes of spam mail or identity fraud – it is merely a safeguard for notary publics to prove the occurrence of notarial acts.

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