Can I Get my Document Notarized with a Future Date?

Typically for notarizations, the client has to sign their document at the same time as they are getting their document notarized. But most people don’t know they can get a document that was signed on an earlier date notarized as long as they appear before the notary and acknowledge their signature.  As long as the document was signed in a reasonable time frame, we’ll be able to legally notarize your document.

But what if your document has a future date?

If the future date is within the content of the document (i.e. “effective by” or “entered into”) then there is no issue with getting your document notarized.  However, the date of the signature and the date of the notary’s signature cannot be set in the future.  If a notary is authorizing a signature on August 12th, for example, the signature could be dated as July 2nd or August 8th, but it cannot be dated for August 13th.

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