Notarize: The New E-Notary App on Your Phone

e-notary    Notarize, a startup that serves all 50 states, provides on-demand notary services on a smartphone app. Virginia just changed its law to allow notaries public to verify documents remotely, and Notarize is taking advantage of the new rule to offer quick, convenient notary services on iOS devices. Tracking down a notary public can often be daunting, so the Notarize app guarantees document verification by a public notary for $25 per document.

Notarize authorizes the identification of its customers by matching their photo ID’s to an online database, then connects them to an e-notary via a video call. This agent then completes the document signing process, which the customer can print or email to the intended recipient. Notarize has collected a few million in seed money, and investors are excited about the potential market for e-notaries as states open up their laws on document validation.