Attorney Disbarred for Notarizing Documents of the Deceased

law-1063249_1280  The Supreme Court disbarred lawyer Rex Resuena for committing malpractice; the attorney was acting as a notary public for plaintiffs who had already died. Resuena approved Special Power of Attorney documents as a notary that turned out to be for dead plaintiffs. This practice goes against the notaries’ rule that the signing parties must be present for the documents and signatures to be considered valid

Resuena claims there is no mistake in the SPA notarization because the plaintiffs were never included in the list of those required to appear before him. However, Resuena is being disbarred because he has been found guilty of breaking the law of notaries public aside from the SPA charges with the deceased plaintiffs. Resuena can never practice notarization services again, according to the Supreme Court.