E-Notary App Providing Mobile Notarization Services

smartphone-1281669_1280Taking advantage of a potential $30 billion market for e-notary services, startup Notarize is providing 24-hour mobile notarization services for people across the US. Notarize aims to provide productive, streamlined, and secure notary solutions for people that need documents to be verified in a convenient way. The service works through an iOS app on mobile phones that offers the same services as a traditional notary public.

Operating with the help of certified e-notaries in Virginia, Notarize first verifies the identities of its customers through a photo ID database, matches them with a notary agent, and completes the notarization process via video chat. Notarize agents will stamp and sign the documents to be made available to customers immediately, the records of which will be stored for five years, and the fee for the convenience of service is $25 per document. Virginia lawmakers are excited about the new e-notary rules because they allow quick and easy services for the millions of people who need notaries to validate their important documents.