Missouri Requires Absentee Ballots to be Notarized

On August 4th, Missouri will be holding its primary election before the Presidential election on November 3rd, 2020.  Because of COVID-19, any Missouri citizen registered to vote can request an absentee ballot for this election.  However, unless you have COVID-19 […]

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What is a Notary Journal (and Why Do You Need My Address?)

If you’ve never gotten a document notarized before, you may be concerned by what information is needed in order for the notary public to authorize your signature.  Not only do you need to bring a valid form of identification, but […]

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Governor Kemp’s Executive Order regarding Temporary Remote Notarizations

Below is Governor Kemp’s Executive Order during the COVID-19 pandemic permitting temporary remote notarizations. Executive Order was intended to suspend the purported requirement under Georgia law that notarial acts and witnessing must be executed in-person. This executive order […]

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Regarding the Executive Order Temporarily Allowing Remote Online Notarizations and Attestations in Georgia

As of now, the State of Georgia is operating under Governor Kemp’s Executive Order during the COVID-19 pandemic.  This order allows notary publics who are Georgia attorneys or notary publics operating under the supervision of a Georgia attorney to […]

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Can I Get my Document Notarized with a Future Date?

Typically for notarizations, the client has to sign their document at the same time as they are getting their document notarized. But most people don’t know they can get a document that was signed on an earlier date notarized as […]

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